About the Conference

o11yfest is a multi-day virtual technology conference focused on empowering DevOps practitioners with solutions that improve observability over systems and processes. It will be held online using a online platform on May 9-12 2022.

o11yfest is in its third year of operation as a grass-roots event whose aim is to encourage sharing of knowledge and development of the discipline of observability engineering.

100% of net ticket sales and contributor sponsorships will go to good causes (read more here).

Speaking and Presentations

Unlike a typical monolithic tech event, this year we’re taking a more continuous approach to the content of our event, such that:

  1. We will use a ‘rolling call for presentations (CFP)’ that will open on Jan 10th and close on May 1st
  2. There will be a few select ‘keystone’ presentations from leaders in the OpenTelemetry community
  3. Teams will be encouraged to submit their observability stories as 15min group presentations
  4. We will be receiving lightning talks from individual contributors in the industry

All content will need to be pre-recorded and unique to o11yfest (not the same exact upload as what was shared in other conferences, though it can be based on a presentation shared elsewhere). CFP and presentation uploads can happen at any time, but the later the submission, the less likely to make the days-of schedule headlines.


Virtual events are not zero cost, however, o11yfest is not about turning a profit. We do not sell attendee data and in fact prefer to have as little Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as necessary to run a safe and effective conference. This year we have a few new creative ideas to allow attendees and sponsors to equitably connect which you can learn about here.