Take (pre)Action!

  1. Pick one of the following presentations that appeals to you the most,
  2. Take notes while watching it, and then
  3. Share your key takeaways in a 5-minute video.
NOTE: More speaker videos are coming soon!

What is a ‘(p)reaction’ video?

A “PRE-action” video is a short (<5min) summary of what you think is meaningful for others to pay attention to about another video or presentation by someone else.

Since we are receiving pre-recorded talks by speakers all the time, we can provide you a chance to “pre”-view them and share your reactions…hence “PRE-action”.

Why do a (p)reaction video?

Not only is this a great way to spread positivity about someone else, it also encodes how you process and what you value about the time and effort another practitioner has shared with the community.

Our event organizers also would love to highlight you because we believe that you are a material part of our community. When you ‘lean forward’ to share your unique perspective, we care. We’re open to sharing this through out social channels and even during the LIVE STREAM because it takes all kinds to make a village!

How can you get involved?

Firstly, email organizers@o11yfest.org and express your interest. We’ll give you some options about the pre-recordings we’ve already received and get you way to watch it. While watching it: