Day 1: o11y from the outset (core concepts, getting started)

Time (in EST) Session
11:00 AM Welcome & Intros
11:15 AM Alex Boten: How the OpenTelemetry Collector puts you in the driver seat
11:38 AM Live Q&A Alex Boten
11:50 AM Reese Lee: Where the heck are my spans?!
12:04 PM Live Q&A Reese Lee
12:10 PM Cribl Workshop: Take Control of Observability Data With No Vendor Lock-In
12:10 PM Henrik Rexed: The Sound of Code - Instrument with OpenTelemetry
12:34 PM Live Q&A Henrik Rexed
12:40 PM Async and bio break
1:00 PM Vineeth Pothulapati: Easing OpenTelemetry adoption using the OpenTelemetry operator
1:25 PM Live Q&A Vineeth Pothulapati
1:45 PM Jessica Kerr: Observability During Development
1:55 PM Live Q&A Jessica Kerr
2:10 PM o11yfest: what, why, how? Paul Bruce, Video, pre-CCd
2:20 PM Martin Mao: Is MTTR still relevant in a modern, cloud native world?
2:32 PM Live Q&A Martin Mao
2:40 PM Christopher Evans: Observability is not just for your systems (it’s for your team and incidents as well)
3:05 PM Daily Wrap-up, on to Day 2
3:10 PM Booth and Hallway Exploration

Day 2: o11y hits the trail (hands-on, deep-dives)

Time (in EST) Session
11:00 AM Welcome back & reminders
11:15 AM Ricardo Ferreira: Building Software Reliability with Distributed Tracing
11:46 AM Live Q&A Ricardo Ferreira
12:00 PM Speed Networking, Booth Exploration
12:30 PM Book Club, Speed Networking, Booth Exploration continued
1:00 PM Shai Almog: Debugging at Scale in Production - Deep into your Containers with kubectl debug, KoolKits…
1:22 PM Live Q&A Shai Almog
1:30 PM Andreas Grabner: Keptn - Putting Observability in the driving seat for DevOps & SRE automation
1:50 PM Live Q&A Andreas Grabner
2:00 PM Ramon Guiu: Going deep into the (mis)behaviors of your distributed systems with OpenTelemetry and SQL
2:26 PM Live Q&A Ramon Guiu
2:40 PM Colin Douch: High Cardinality Alerting With Open Telemetry
2:54 PM Daily Wrap-up, on to Day 3
3:00 PM Booth and Hallway Exploration
6:00 PM Elastic Workshop: Application observability on Kubernetes with Elastic

Day 3: o11y climbs the mountain (scaling to many teams)

Time (in EST) Session
11:00 AM Welcome back & reminders
11:10 AM Stephen Townshend: Bad Observability
11:34 AM Pre-recorded Q&A Stephen Townshend
11:45 AM Andy Dufour and Francis Hwang: Incubating o11y in an Enterprise
12:05 PM New Relic Workshop: K8s observability with Prometheus, Pixie, Fluent Bit and New Relic
12:05 PM Daniel Selans: Observability in Event Driven
12:28 PM Live Q&A David Selans
12:35 PM Daniel Gomez Blanco (2021): How to transparently migrate 300+ services to OpenTelemetry
1:05 PM Adrian Gonzalez: Enterprise Observability through User Telemetry
1:27 PM Live Q&A Adrian Gonzalez
1:45 PM Michael Hausenblas: Return on Investment driven observability
1:55 PM Live Q&A Michael Hausenblas
2:20 PM About Our Captioning
2:25 PM About Our Graphic Recordings
2:30 PM Panel: OTel - So far/good? Ted Young, Daniel Gomez Blanco, Mike Angstadt
3:00 PM Daily Wrap-up, on to Day 3
3:05 PM Booth and Hallway Exploration

Day 4: o11y explores the wild (interesting use cases)

Time (in EST) Session
11:00 AM Welcome back & reminders
11:15 AM Narmatha Bala: Confidence in Chaos - How properly applied observability practices can take the chaos out of testing
11:35 AM Live Q&A Narmatha Bala
12:00 PM Lightstep Workshop: Getting familiar with the OpenTelemetry Collector
12:00 PM Michael Haberman: Trace-Based Testing with OpenTelemetry
12:24 PM Live Q&A Michael Haberman, Stacy Cashmore
12:35 PM Piyush Verma: Building Openmetrics Exporter
12:56 PM Pre-recorded Q&A Piyush Verma
1:00 PM Prathima Janakiram: Self Service FSO deployments with Workflows
1:20 PM Juraci Paixão Kröhling (2021): Sampling in Distributed Tracing
1:45 PM Zoe Steinkamp: Cleaning and Interpreting time series metrics with InfluxDB
2:05 PM Live Q&A Zoe Steinkamp
2:10 PM o11yfest Awards
2:25 PM o11yfest Future Plans
2:40 PM Organizer Thanks and Wrap All Organizers