It’s a Wrap!

Thank you to our hundreds of attendees, many sponsors, and our volunteer organizers this year!

Though we’ve closed our Airmeet conference event hub, we will be processing all the recordings and they will be available on YouTube starting next week! Look for an email from organizers [at] o11yfest [dot] org and share with colleagues!

About the Conference

o11yfest is a multi-day virtual technology conference focused on empowering DevOps practitioners with solutions that improve observability over systems and processes. It was online using a online platform on May 9-12 2022 from 11am-3pm EST each day.

o11yfest is in its third year of operation as a grass-roots event whose aim is to encourage sharing of knowledge and development of the discipline of observability engineering.

100% of net ticket sales and contributor sponsorships will go to good causes (read more here).

Speaking and Presentations

Unlike a typical monolithic tech event, this year we’re taking a more continuous approach to the content of our event, such that:

  1. Now that our CFP has closed, we already have many of the pre-recorded presentations!
  2. We are encouraging the whole community to submit ‘(p)reaction’ videos, more info here

We’re waiting on a few more acceptances, but so far many awesome folks will be presenting:

Premiere Sponsors

These sponsors have materially contributed both in effort and financial underwriting to make this conference possible! A special thanks goes to them for the opportunity to come together and learn!

Captioning Sponsor

Contributor Sponsors

These sponsors have donated significantly to one of our community-driven ‘good causes’. We can’t thank them enough for their support of these worthwhile organizations and this conference!

If you would also like to sponsor in this way, please contact the organizers.

Want to Sponsor?

Virtual events are not zero cost, however, o11yfest is not about turning a profit. We do not sell attendee data and in fact prefer to have as little Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as necessary to run a safe and effective conference. This year we have a few new creative ideas to allow attendees and sponsors to equitably connect which you can learn about here.