Daniel Selans

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Observability in Event Driven *

Event driven systems are on the rise but there is still a significant lack of information about how to observe these complex systems.

Event driven is not new - there are several well-known articles written about it but it remains difficult to find up-to date information on the various paradigms - architecture, implementation, component breakdowns or just some guidance on how to approach observability.

In this talk, I will introduce the listener to event driven concepts and share observability patterns that have worked for our team.

This information comes from first-hand experience designing, implementing and operating an event-driven system that our company uses to process over ten billion (protobuf) events per day.

Learn how to set yourself up for success when working with async-heavy systems.

(Rough) Outline of the talk:

  1. Introduction to event driven concepts

  2. What is event driven? (<5 minutes)

  3. Component breakdown (<5 minutes)

  4. Observing Async

  5. Why is it hard? (<=5 minutes)

  6. Patterns that work (10 minutes)

  7. What to avoid (5 minutes)

More about Daniel Selans

Dan is a co-founder of Batch.sh, a data stream observability company. Dan previously worked at InVisionApp, New Relic and before that, spent some time doing integration work at data centers. He has been writing Go for 6+ years, works primarily in backend, listens to a lot of black metal and prefers Stella’s over IPA’s. He resides in Portland, Oregon but is originally from Latvia.