(Times are in Eastern / Atlantic EST time)

Day 1 (5/17) - Biz Value / Case Studies

Time Session
11:00 AM Welcome and Intros
11:15 AM Keynote - Christina Yakomin:
Iterative Enterprise SRE Transformation
12:00 PM Sponsored Breakouts - Lightstep
12:20 PM Daniel Gomez Blanco:
How to transparently migrate 300+ services to OpenTelemetry
1:00 PM Mike Angstadt:
Pragmatic Observability While Your Business Grows 300%
1:35 PM Sponsored Breakouts - Cribl
1:55 PM Discussions check-in
2:00 PM Alex Hidalgo:
Service Level Observability: Measuring Internal States with SLOs
2:35 PM Reminders, shout-outs, events
2:45 PM General sponsor jam
2:50 PM Contributions Shout-outs
3:00 PM Tim Tischler:
Socio-technical Graphs (or Who Owns Kafka cluster C13 or Does It Even Exist?)
3:35 PM Panel: Growing and Advocating Observability in Organizations
4:00 PM Day 1 Wrap and Final Reminders
4:15 PM o11yfest Day 1 After-Party:
Breakouts and BYOD

Day 2 (5/18) - OTel Community

Time Session
11:00 AM Welcome back & reminders
11:15 AM Keynote - Jaana Dogan:
OpenTelemetry at AWS

12:00 PM Ted Young:
The value and design of OpenTelemetry
12:30 PM Bio breaks & virtual chat
12:40 PM Dave Lucia:
Betting on Observability at Simplebet
1:10 PM Steve Flanders:
Exporting Data with OpenTelemetry
1:40 PM Sponsored Breakouts
2:00 PM Ricardo Ferreira:
Hidden Secrets about Instrumenting JVMs for OpenTelemetry
2:30 PM Eric Mustin:
Supercharge Legacy Application Logs by Injecting OpenTelemetry Span Context
3:00 PM Bio breaks & virtual chat
3:05 PM Juraci Paixão Kröhling:
Sampling in distributed tracing
3:30 PM Rob Skillington:
Building and running a world-class observability function
4:05 PM Day 2 Wrap and Final Reminders