Alex Boten

How the OpenTelemetry Collector puts you in the driver seat

After spending hours, days, weeks of effort ensuring applications are producing good telemetry, the last thing anyone wants is to touch that code ever again. As needs change, you want the flexibility to try new solutions. What if there was an easy way to do this? Enters the OpenTelemetry Collector.

Instrumenting code is a pain. OpenTelemetry provides the tooling necessary to instrument code once and for all. Gone are the days of vendor lock-in, everyone can now use an open standard. The OpenTelemetry Collector provides even more control over your data, allowing you to send data to any number of telemetry backends without ever touching application code.

In this talk, you‚’ll learn:

  • What the OpenTelemetry Collector is

  • How it provides maximum control & flexibility for your data

  • The ways you can extend the Collector

It’s your data! Retain control of it with the Collector.


More about Alex Boten

Alex Boten is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Lightstep and has spent the last ten years helping organizations adapt to a cloud-native landscape. From building core network infrastructure to mobile client applications and everything in between, Alex has first-hand knowledge of how complex troubleshooting distributed applications is.

This led him to the domain of observability and contributing to open-source projects in the space. A contributor, approver, and maintainer in several aspects of OpenTelemetry, Alex has helped evolve the project from its early days in 2019 into the massive community effort that it is today.

More than anything, Alex loves making sense of the technology around us and sharing his learnings with others.