Andreas Grabner

Keptn: Putting Observability in the driving seat for DevOps & SRE automation

Observability is the foundation giving us insights on how our systems currently behave. Keptn - a CNCF project - uses o11y to automate decisions in your delivery and ops automation.

Its simple: You define SLOs! Keptn takes care of orchestrating your tools to deploy, test or release based on o11y!

DevOps Platform Engineers and SREs are spending a lot of time integrating observability into their delivery and operations automation to automate decisions. This is done through lots of custom scripting, e.g: pull data from Jenkins, GitLab or Argo pipelines to make automated decisions based on the data coming out of Prometheus, OpenTelemetry …

Keptn standardizes how to pull data from your observability platform, how to analyze it by applying the concept of SLOs (Service Level Objectives) and how to integrate with your delivery, test, notification and configuration management tools.

Keptn adopters have seen up to 90% reduction in custom coding to make observability a core component of their automation.

In this session you learn how Keptn works, how the community is adopting it, how to integrate your own observability framework, how you can get started in minutes and how you can contribute to this open-source project.

More about Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner has 20+ years of experience as a software developer, tester and architect and is an advocate for high-performing cloud scale applications. He is a contributor and DevRel for the CNCF open source project keptn ( Andreas is also a regular contributor to the DevOps community, a frequent speaker at technology conferences and regularly publishes articles on or medium. In his spare time you can most likely find him on one of the salsa dancefloors of the world (will resume once Covid is behind us)!