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Day 4 Workshop: Getting familiar with the OpenTelemetry Collector

When: 2022-05-12 16:00:00 +0000 (your local date/time)

The workshop focuses on:

  • Configuring the Collector to receive and export different formats of data
  • Manipulating telemetry through Collector processors
  • Extending the Collector through custom builds and components
  • Deployment scenarios for the Collector


This will be intended as an intro level workshop, no experience with OpenTelemetry required. The only prerequisite for running the example code is a tool capable of running Docker containers ideally with Docker Compose and Go 1.16+ should be installed to compile the collector.


  • Alex Boten - Senior Staff Software Engineer, Lightstep

    Alex Boten has spent the last ten years helping organizations adapt to a cloud-native landscape. More than anything, Alex loves making sense of the technology around us and sharing his learnings with others.