Vineeth Pothulapati

Easing OpenTelemetry adoption using the OpenTelemetry operator

OpenTelemetry has emerged as the new standard for instrumentation and collection of observability signals. OpenTelemetry adoption isn’t straightforward and there is no easy way to get started because adoption is a complex process involving many moving pieces.

This process involves understanding the business applications and their instrumentation layer, deploying the OpenTelemetry agent and collector followed by configuring the receivers, processors, exporters, and extensions in the OpenTelemetry collector. This talk will help you understand all the pieces involved in deploying the complete OpenTelemetry stack and how they fit together.

This talk covers:

  1. Explaining the Opentelemetry collector deployment modes.
  2. Explaining the instrumentation layer.
  3. Auto-instrumentation offered by the operator.
  4. Explaining the OpenTelemetry collector configuration options and how to define data flow pipelines.
  5. Auto-upgrades using the Otel-operator.

The OpenTelemetry operator offers a seamless experience to the users of the OpenTelemetry collector in managing and upgrading the collectors across multiple versions with breaking changes. In this talk, Vineeth will cover how to get started with OpenTelemetry using the Opentelemetry Operator by explaining all the features offered to make your deployments and day two operations much more reliable.

The OpenTelemetry Operator is gaining adoption with recent advancements in the operator. This talk helps users get started with the OpenTelemetry stack. We’ll cover how to deploy the OpenTelemetry collector, leveraging auto-instrumentation offered in Java, Nodejs, and Python applications. Today the OpenTelemetry slack channels have multiple questions where users are having issues in getting started. They have trouble finding the recommended way to deploy and operate collectors. This talk will help users as a getting started guide for OpenTelemetry deployment as well as serve as an introduction today to operations such as scaling and handling breaking changes in the OpenTelemetry configuration during the upgrades. Ultimately, this is an educational contribution that will help the community in getting started and managing the OpenTelemetry stack.”

More about Vineeth Pothulapati

Vineeth is a cloud, distributed systems enthusiast and maintainer to OpenTelemetry Operator, a contributor to Kubernetes, Cortex, and Open Policy Agent. He worked as a shadow for previous Kubernetes releases and was also a docs lead for Kubernetes 1.18 release. He is currently working on Promscale & Tobs as a Product Manager with Timescale. Previously, he was a CNCF mentee with Cortex and Open Policy Agent and a Google Summer of Code intern with The Postgres Operator. Vineeth co-founded and organizes CNCF Hyderabad meet-ups and also gave several talks on CNCF technologies.