KEYNOTE: OpenTelemetry at AWS

AWS decided to use OpenTelemetry to unify its telemetry collection, standardize its propagation and correlation fundamentals, and utilizing OTLP on wire. In this talk, we will talk about our long-term migration path to OpenTelemetry and discuss the overall roadmap about our integrations at AWS.

  • Why OpenTelemetry at AWS?

  • Alignment with other observability tools and companies

  • Unifying collectors

  • Ingesting service telemetry data in OTLP

  • Correlations and exemplars for CW, X-Ray, Elastic, Prometheus, RDS Performance Insights and more

  • Missing gaps (W3C TraceContext support, CW metrics data model differences, Prometheus support)

  • Future telemetry types such as profiles and eBPF

More about Jaana Dogan

Jaana Dogan is a Principal Engineer at AWS leading parts of AWS’ monitoring, observability, performance and instrumentation efforts.