Pragmatic Observability While Your Business Grows 300%

Wouldn’t it be great if the world stopped for us to implement observability the right way with ubiquitous adoption of the perfect instrumentation? Hate to break it to you, but the reality is that will never happen.

Engineers ship code, customers use software in unintended ways, teams don’t always buy into everything, and the world will rapidly shift under your well planned roadmaps. So how do you build what you need while remaining agile to pivots that will inevitably come down the pipe? What does evangelism of new processes or tooling look like when teams are plagued with emergent demands on a daily basis? How do you get internal support for the ideas you know will change the game with an endless expectation backlog for feature delivery?

I’ll be reviewing our strategy for pragmatic observability at H-E-B Digital, what has worked, what didn’t, and what we’re trying right now while we explosively grow our curbside and home delivery grocery business by billions during this incredibly tumultuous time in our industry and world. You’ll take away tips & tricks for building influence and internal confidence for new approaches to solving reliability problems, hopefully relate to some entertaining stories, but most importantly you might just save yourself from making some of the same mistakes I did when implementing and driving adoption of modern observability patterns in your own organization’s journey.

More about Mike Angstadt

Mike Angstadt is the Director of Platform Engineering at H-E-B Digital, the largest grocery retailer in the Southwest, with 350 stores and 110,000 partners across Texas & Mexico.

His passion is for the humans that make all that happen — finding growth opportunities, engaging with them to discover meaningful work, ensuring high-level business objectives are clearly communicated, driving to the predictable delivery of results, and making it fun to discover customer-inspired innovation at H-E-B.