Exporting Data with OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry provides an open-source and vendor-agnostic way to generate, process, and emit telemetry data. The project provides an implementation that includes language-specific instrumentation libraries as well as a collector which can be deployed as an agent or gateway service. End-users may wonder how they should export data generated from OpenTelemetry. For example, should applications export data directly to a back-end or go through either an agent or gateway service? Does the answer change for serverless architectures or real-user monitoring?

This session will cover the available exporting mechanisms and architecture considerations. Topics including batching, compression, encryption, queuing, retry, security, and metadata enrichment will be covered. In addition, overhead, delays, and user experience will be discussed. By the end of this session, users should be aware of the available options and trade-offs depending on the configuration decisions.

More about Steve Flanders

Steve Flanders is a Director of Engineering at Splunk responsible for Observability’ Getting Data In, which includes contributions to the CNCF OpenTelemetry open-source project. Previously, he was the Head of Product and Experience at Omnition, which was acquired by Splunk. Prior to Omnition, he was the Global Engineering Manager for log analytics and data collection at VMware. Steve has an extensive background in software development, user experience, product design, and operational management. He has a strong focus on product usability, data-driven decision-making, and agile development processes. He is also the author of SFlanders.net, a technology-centric weblog.