Our CFP is ‘Rolling’

Because our conference isn’t a monolith or oligarchy, we encourage everyone who has something that complies with the following criteria to submit:

We will be accepting CFPs from now until May 1st, since being online/virtual means that there are no travel deadlines or major restrictions.

If you are a for-profit commercial organization, consider sponsoring as well.

Timings and Notifications

If we accept your submission, you will be notified immediately and will be asked to confirm this acceptance.

Once you confirm, you have until May 1st to provide a link to your recorded video. If you submit your talk on or after April 15th, assume that you should also be submitting your video ASAP.


If you want us to help you set up a recordable video conferencing session, you may request this. If not, read carefully below.

Recording tips:


If after you’ve accepted, you cannot provide a pre-recorded video before May 1st, no worries. Let us know, one way or the other, and we’ll figure something out. We appreciate proactive, slightly-over-communication.

If you’ve already provided a pre-recording but can’t be available for live Q&A, this does not disqualify your presentation and we’ll find the right time to schedule it. We can either reschedule the Q&A for an better time for you and attendees, or let them know that your Q&A will be async via our Discord server. In this case, we do hope that you’ll still be kind enough to answer questions that come your way.